It is designed to fulfill different agricultural tasks with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed equipment and tools. It can be used both for special and transport works. PTO allows to use this tractor as a power unit for gears of different stationary mechanisms in agricultural and industrial application.

Gear system – 4WD;
Stability angle when working in any direction – 0,087 rad (5°);
Gradeability on hard dry road – 30%;
Front driving axle – static;
Control – hydrostatic;
Brakes – hydrostatic (separate for right and left side);
Max. elevating force – 77kN;
Hydraulic pump capacity – 70 l/min;
Rear PTO rotation speed – 540/1000 rpm;
Petrol tank volume – 180 l;
Nominal pressure of vehicle circuit – 12 V.


Mobile machinary
Mobile robot complex


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