- work in places dangerous to human life (demolition of old or dilapidated buildings, reconstruction of dams, etc.);
- loading and unloading of dangerous goods;
- work in ammunition depots;
- remote reconnaissance;
- collection of hazardous items and soils;
- visual exploration of fires in warehouses, fire extinguishing and moving property from fire;
- creation of firebreaks;
- possibility of installation of both wheeled and tracked chassis.


Operating weight, kg 3500
Maximum speed, km/h 12
Maximum dumping height, m


Load capacity, kg 1000
Distance control, m 2000
The number of cameras 4
Overall dimensions in transport position:
- length, mm
- width, mm
- height, mm


Remote control

- remote control of engine start-up/shut down;
- control of vehicle movement;
- transfer of video information from TV cameras to monitor;
- control of rotary camera motion;
- control of operating equipment;
- switching-on/off of lighting.
Mobile machinary
Mobile robot complex


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