The multipurpose mobile robot of light class «VARAN» is intended for remote visual reconnaissance, searching and primary diagnostics of suspicious objects for availability of explosive devices (ED) by means of TV camera and special mounted equipment; remote deactivation of ED, loading of ED into the special containers for evacuation as well as for executing operations to gain excess to ED.


Mass of equipped robot, kg, not above 185
Range of travel speed control, m/sec 0 - 0,5
Negotiated obstacles (with 15 kg of load in manipulator grip):
- threshold, meters, up to
- standard staircase with gradient not above
- hill-side dead ahead with angle of slope not above
- slope in transverse direction with angle of slope not above

30 0
30 0
20 0

Negotiated water obstacle, meters, not above 0,1
Negotiated snow cover, meters, not above 0,15
Number of degrees of mobility of manipulator 6
Max. opening of gripping jaws, mm 250
Force of gripping jaws (two values), N 800, 1000
Max. manipulator sweep, meters, not less
- from axis of rotation
- from body front end
- from port side and starboard side

Angle of turn of manipulator relative to vertical axis, not less
360 0
Load-lifting capacity of manipulator, kg
- at 1.5 meter sweep, up to
- at 0.6 meter sweep in front of MR, up to

Distance of visual identification of objects, meters
- from 0.1 m to 3.0 m in size
- from 0.001 m to 0.5 m in size
Powered by two 12 V batteries  
MR control:
- by cable line (with additional cable), meters
- by radio channel, up to, meters

100 (200)
Continuous operation on a single battery pack, hours, not less 4
Overall dimensions of MR in transport position
- length, meters, not above
- width, meters, not above
- height, meters, not above

Mobile machinary
Mobile robot complex


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